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Of course we make the strongest, safest, best designed bolt in roll bar for the Porsche 996 and 997. We design our roll bars with safety as the first concern. Don’t fall for the less expensive bars on the market. They don’t match our well thought out design and construction.

We designed our rear points to mount to vehicle shock towers, not the rear seat belt mounts like other brands! When a bolt-in bar is mounted to seat belt mounts, under an impact or roll over situation, your safety is greatly sacrificed due to the tendency to sheer off the mount point. Safety is our number one concern which has led us to mounting to the shock towers.

  • We only use the best 1.75” X .095″ wall Chromoly roll bar tubing
  • Fixture welded in our own a jig, so a car isn’t needed for us to build it!
  • Journeyman Tig welded
  • ¼” thick mounting brackets for added strength and rigidity
  • A true bolt-in roll bar; not just a harness bar which will provide no safety other than a place to mount your belts
  • Installation time on this rollbar is usually 10-15 hours depending on experience.
  • Our Standard powder coat color is T002-BK08 Black #27038 20% gloss matte powder coat included. Refer to Color chart next row.
  • Custom powder coat color there is an additional $350 charge. See Color Chart here
  • Your roll bar can be professionally painted any color for an additional charge. Contact us for a quote.

We highly recommend CMS rollbars are only installed by shops that have experience installing roll bars. Cantrell Motorsports can most likely direct you to a installation shop in your area.

If you would like to choose a Custom powder coat color, please refer to the linked Color Chart and note the Color and Color Code you desire at the time of Checkout.

If an order includes smaller items which will fit in our Roll Bar box, your freight charge will corrected to the $425 Truck Rate price when your order processed.

For multiple quantities of any Bolt-in Rollbars to the same location, please contact us for a freight quote.

Truck Freight out of the USA: any duties, taxes and/or fees are paid by the purchaser.

Install instructions can be viewed here:

Dealer Inquiries Welcome. Please contact us for requirements.

Important info about Harness Bar Location
Our harness bar is located closer to the back of the seats as compared to others because we took into account as that is what the major racing harness manufacturers want to see. They want no more that 8″ between the shoulder harness mount and the back of the seat.

Please read Schroth Racing shoulder belt Routing guidelines below.

Shoulder belts must run from the shoulders horizontally or down, at no more than a 20° angle. In cases where the shoulder belts must be routed down to the chassis floor, support by a roll cage bar or harness guide at the appropriate height is essential to establish the horizontal shoulder strap routing off the shoulder/HANS®. Most racing seats are not designed and tested to carry shoulder belt crash loads from downward installation. Severe injury or death could result. A 45° downward shoulder belt installation is possible with seats that SCHROTH has positively tested to take a load measured during a 50 kph [31 mph] and 28 G impact with a 75 kg (175 lb) dummy. Refer to the list of SCHROTH approved racing seats in section “About Seats”. WARNING: 45° downward shoulder belt installation is not recommended with HANS®.
For the best restraint of the occupant’s upper torso, ideal anchor points should not be further back than 200 mm [8”] from back of user’s seat.


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