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AWE Tuning is the authority in performance engineering for European automobiles. From award winning, hand-crafted performance exhausts to track tested big turbo kits. AWE Tuning innovates and designs choice performance products in more than 75 countries through its preferred network of dealers out of its headquarters in Pennsylvania. Since 1991, our select team of researchers, engineers, innovators and drivers have track-tested and introduced premium performance upgrades for some of the finest automobiles in the world.
AWE Tuning for European cars

Our Vision

Every member of the AWE Tuning team subscribes to one goal: to unlock performance. You have it in there… it’s just about unlocking it. With every CAD rendering and every test lap, we ask ourselves, “Can this be better? Can we unlock more performance?” We are fanatics and enthusiasts, committed to performance, all without ever sacrificing any of the practicality that you’ve come to rely on.

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