Quality High-Performance seat and sub belt mounting products for racing seats

Cantrell Motorsports designs and manufactures a few seat related products to improve comfort, safety and add adjustability. These include our Sub-Belt Mounts, Side Mounts and Seat Rails to install RECARO seats into your Porsche.

Sub Belt Mounts

  • 987/997 Sport Seat Sub-Belt Mount
  • 981/991 Sport Seat Sub-Belt Mount
  • Universal Sub-Belt Mount for Recaro Sliders

Seat Adapter Rails and Side Mounts

  • Porsche RECARO Seat Adapter Rails for Boxster, Cayman and 911’s 1999-Current
  • 987/997 Sport Seat Adjustable Side Mount
  • RECARO Profi XL and RECARO Pro Racer HANS® XL Adjustable Side Mount

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