Carnewal GT Modified Exhaust for 996 3.4L and 3.6L Engines



Cantrell Motorsport has the exclusive US license to perform the Carnewal muffler modification.

The Carnewal GT exhaust is a reworked original exhaust, modified in our workshop. Everything looks 100% original on the outside but the internals are changed to a better flowing, less restrictive exhaust.

It looks just like stock on the outside but the internals are changed to a better breathing, less restrictive exhaust. The result is a louder and deeper sound with no resonance. On the cars with Tip gearbox, there is no droning between 2200 and 3000rpm.

This exhaust does not trigger check engine lights and is not giving problems with emission checks during  technical inspections.

When ordering, please note year, model and mileage of your vehicle in the NOTE section on the Checkout page.

See below for purchasing options.

International Shipping: Any duties, taxes and/or fees are paid by the purchaser.

You have 4) Purchasing Options:

# 1 : We ship you a Carnewal GT exhaust and within 2 weeks after receiving, you must return your original exhaust to us. In this case we add a $750 Core Charge that is refunded when we receive and inspect your returned exhaust. A return label will be sent with your new exhaust.
# 2 : Send us your exhaust and we modify it and ship it back. No Core Charge.
# 3 : Purchase outright. We sell you a GT exhaust made from a low mileage set of original exhausts we have in stock. For this option the price is  $1500.00 including the $750 Core Charge.
#4 : You come to our workshop and we exchange your exhaust with a Carnewal GT exhaust. It takes about 2.5 hours at our normal shop rate. No Core Charge.

Dealer Inquiries Welcome. Please contact us for requirements.



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