Quality High-Performance Wheels

BBS is synonymous with high-quality wheels. But what makes BBS the best is not just what you see on the surface, it’s what you don’t see that makes our wheels the most sought-after and respected in the world. Building wheels that are lighter and stronger requires a higher level of engineering, better manufacturing technologies, and a well-trained production staff.
BBS high-quality wheels

BBS Forged wheels have style and substance

In the past several years, the word “forged” has become quite a popular in the aftermarket wheel industry, however not all forged wheels are created equally, just as not all cast wheels are the same.

Light weight wheels deliver better performance, but lighter wheels – without compromised reliability – are not as easily achieved as many companies would have you believe. The aftermarket wheel industry has been flooded with products promising light weight, however they are not always strong enough to survive in the real world. BBS forged wheels are not only light, they’ve been designed to optimize the stiffness to weight ratio while providing the safety and long term durability you expect from BBS.

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