modifying sports car in Bellevue

This is a project we have just recently started. Hopefully the Porsche purests out there will approve. One thing nobody can deny is the fact that an LS7 powered 944 will be a beast on the track.
We started by stripping this car to the shell and removing as much un-needed weight as possible. After this point we will start pre-assembly which is basically assembling the car and making sure everything fits and works as it should. This phase insures that once we are done making sure everything works together flawlessly. Afterwards, we disassemble the car once again and then all components get painted and finished off so when final assembly takes place, every piece of the puzzle goes together as it should. This is sure to be a very exciting project so stay tuned.

Hardware and components list:
•    Corvette LS7 dry sump engine
•    Motec M800 engine management
•    Motec data acquisition
•    Racing clutch and light flywheel
•    Custom 968 clubsport transaxle w/external cooling
•    Electric power steering
•    Moton 4 way dampers/Eibach race springs
•    8 point rollcage
•    Custom integrated wiring harness


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