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Main Features

  • No setup or calibration is required
  • Real-time data display of: speed, lateral acceleration g’s, longitudinal acceleration g’s, and lap times
  • Immediate analysis of performance data in the field
  • Helps you find time quickly and intuitively
  • Lap and segment times
  • Track mapping
  • Designed for auto-crossing, road racing, karting, motorcycle racing, bicycle racing and more…
  • Data sharing via e-mail, Bluetooth, and iTunes File Sharing

Overview of Operation

When the Recorder screen is initial displayed an “Acquiring Location” message is shown until the iTouch locks onto a GPS signal. Once a GPS signal is acquired the data recorder is ready, and driving may be started without further interaction with the application.
Recorded data is saved as Runs. Each Run starts when the vehicle exceeds 20MPH/33KPH and ends when the vehicle is moving slowly, or when the main screen is switched away from the Recorder screen, or when the app is closed, or when the iTouch is turned off. The run includes several second of data before the recording trigger speed is reached. This way the start of an auto-cross run is included.

Supported iTouch Devices

– iPod Touch- iPad – iPad 2 – iPhone 3G – iPhone 3GS – iPhone 4 App_Store_Badge_EN

External GPS Modules

For the iPod Touch and first generation iPhone, the use of an external GPS module is required since these devices do not have built-in GPS capabilities.
Due to limitations of the iTouch built-in GPS module, the data may suffer from inaccuracy. Use of the built-in GPS is intended for demonstration purposes only. An external GPS module is highly recommend.

The following GPS modules have been tested with the lap timer pro:


GPS Module Pros Cons
TomTom Car Kit
  • Includes speaker
  • Includes Bluetooth hands free
  • Includes (is the) iTouch mount
  • Charges the iTouch
  • Slightly harder to position iTouch properly
  • Requires an extension cable to use with an iPad
  • Requires an extension cable to mount “remotely” from iTouch
  • Not suitable for placement outside the vehicle (like on the roof)
Bad Elf GPS Receiver
  • No rechargeable battery to worry about
  • Will soon support 5Hz and 10Hz high resolution GPS updates
  • Requires an extension cable to mount “remotely” (on the roof of a car) from iTouch
  • Optionally requires a iTouch mount
GNS 5870 MFI GPS Bluetooth Receiver
  • Easy to mount anywhere
  • Require Bluetooth pairing with iTouch
  • Need to remember to keep the battery charged.
  • Easy to turn on/off accidentally
  • Optionally requires a iTouch mount
Dual Electronics XGPS150 Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver
  • Easy to mount anywhere
  • Require Bluetooth pairing with iTouch
  • Need to remember to keep the battery charged.
  • Optionally requires a iTouch mount

Find your track here and see if your lap time is the fastest.


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